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PV O&M Services

Photovoltaic consultancy & tailored services

Technical consulting for your photovoltaic assets -
- Ask us for O&M customized solutions

We provide owners and operators of photovoltaic systems with independent advice or technical audit services.


Here are some of the measures we can implement to optimise your operations:

  • TDD – Technical Due Diligence (complete plant)
  • TDD – Technical Due Diligence (sampling)
  • Assistance to legal Due Diligence
  • Thermographic analysis
  • I-V curve analysis
  • Detection & repair of insulation defects
  • Analysis and optimisation of PV plant yield
  • Supervision and management of the construction site and quality control
  • Project management
  • Customised O&M programmes and training
  • Analysis and variation of cadastral values

  • Procedures  towards Tax Authority  (e.g. VAT refunds), Customs Agency (e.g. release and modifications of plant licenses) and other entities

We also support you through all stages of a photovoltaic project: from planning, system engineering, installation, up to the acceptance tests.

Our service brochure

For more information please consult our photovoltaic O&M service brochure:


         Service Brochure
         (PDF, 1.5 MB)

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